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Certified Zerona Laser Specialist

Tami 20PIC 202015
Tami Moore

Having 15 years of experience in the medical / healthcare system, I find the Zerona laser to be an immensely beneficial tool for body sculpting and fat loss - with long term results. I've had hands on experience assisting in surgery performing lap bands, liposuction, tummy tucks and the like. Zerona is a safe, effective way to lose inches! Not only is it painless, it is relaxing! After the treatment, we encourage the use of our Whole Body Vibration plate. Once the fat and accompanying toxins are released, sometimes the body's lymphatic system needs a little more help to rid them from the body. Our vibration plate is a great tool to accomplish this, it not only helps to detoxify your system, it can also help with strengthening, toning, and reducing cellulite. We offer a variety of packages along with other supplements to help achieve your personal goal. Call to schedule your complimentary consultation, so we can decide what is best for you!